‘KABOOYOW! KAPOOYOW!’ Hail Storm Gets Crazy in Most Ghetto News Clip Ever

Published:6:26 pm EDT, March 21, 2013| Updated:4:34 pm EDT, March 29, 2013|

Local news has done it again! It's only the third month of 2013 and already we've found our breakout local news star.

A nasty hailstorm fell down on Brookshire, Texas, and rocked the mobile home park with quarter-sized nuggets of hail, tearing up trailers left and right. They local anchor could have provided an accurate description, but then the world would have missed out on the colorful commentary of Michelle Clark, who will now forever be known as "Kabooyow Clark."


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Get ready for your memes, auto-tune and inevitable local car ad, Michelle.

Wonder what Sweet Brown would think about all of this...

sweet brown

Via Huffington Post

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