Kendra Wilkinson Quits ‘Splash’ Because of Fear of Heights

Published:6:16 am EDT, April 4, 2013| Updated:6:24 am EDT, April 4, 2013|
kendra wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson walks away from the high board on Tuesday's episode of "Splash."

Kendra Wilkinson quit the reality television show Splash during Tuesday night's broadcast after a fear of heights prevented her from performing a dive. The task was to jump from a 23-foot-high board, but she walked off the show instead. Any player that does not complete a dive is automatically eliminated.

"I'm so sorry, everybody," Kendra said after turned away from the high board. "It's bittersweet. One thing I don't do is quit. This is the first time in my life I've quit something. This will haunt me for the rest of my life."

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The former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and The Girls Next Door star received a lot flack on Twitter following her exit from the show and apologized again in a post.

Wilkinson also admitted that she was planning on quitting before last week's dive, but stayed longer than she expected she would.

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