The Top 5 Tumblrs Obsessed with Jon Hamm’s D*ck

Published:2:42 pm EDT, March 27, 2013| Updated:12:45 pm EDT, March 28, 2013|

Jon Hamm's private area is becoming less and less private by the day, or, by the Tumblr post. The big deal is that Hamm doesn't wear underwear. He's commando everywhere he goes — the dog park, the grocery store, and even on set. It's causing a little bit of a stir in part because, well, people who love Hamm love that he goes commando, and they're making websites about it. Here are the top 5 Tumblrs about Hamm and his sausage...

1. Jon Hamm's Wang

Jon Hamm's Penis: Top 5 Tumblrs

We all know if an actress has big boobs, but there is always speculation as to whether an actor has a big penis. Jon Hamm makes it easy to tell.

2. Hammsome and Then Some
Jon Hamm's Penis: Top 5 Tumblrs

God strike me down if Don Draper didn't make me want to drink scotch and smoke cigars in an Eames chair every ... single ... day.

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3. Notes From Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm's Penis: Top 5 Tumblrs

He is irresistible. Women want him and men want to be him, or at least a very close representation of him. I'd settle for that.

4. 50 Shades of Hamm

Jon Hamm's Penis: Top 5 Tumblrs

New bestseller idea: 50 Shades of Jon Hamm. Who want's to fund me?

5. Emotions With Jon Hamm

emotions with jon hamm

Oooh yeah, ladies ... and gay guys ... and guys who might be gay but aren't really sure about their sexuality but are really confused and a little touchy about that subject being brought up ... check out that ham on Hamm!

Mad Men season 6 comes out on April 7. Catch Hamm and his ham on AMC.

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