Hey Potheads, Lays Now Has Chicken and Waffles Flavored Chips!

Published:7:18 pm EDT, February 13, 2013| Updated:11:36 pm EDT, February 13, 2013|

Lays Chicken and Waffles

Lays is pretty much the Coke of Potato Chips. They are a top-of-the-mind snacking dyanmo that any potato chip wielding company aspires to be. Well, it seems like the king of chips is seeing just how far they can push those fried potato circles.

This week, Lays announced its 2013 line of potato chips as part of the "Do Us a Flavor" taste test campaign. Lays chips line will now sport Chicken and Waffles, Siracha and Cheesy Garlic Bread flavors. Mmm, so many delicious ways to get fat.

Will you be buying?

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