Justin Bieber Now Most-Followed Tweeter; Surpassed Lady Gaga

Published:3:56 pm EDT, January 22, 2013| Updated:1:39 pm EDT, February 22, 2013|

Justin Bieber is now the most-followed person on Twitter, surpassing Lady Gaga

In what is surely a sign of the coming apocalypse, Justin Bieber has become the most-followed person on Twitter. He usurped the "title" from Lady Gaga, who is supportive of his "achievement." At this writing, Justin Bieber has 33,348,789 Twitter followers.

Justin Bieber is now the most-followed person on Twitter

While he has taken the lead, there's only a small gap between them. Bieber is only ahead by around 7,000 followers, so only time will tell if Gaga's famed "Little Monsters" will step up and reclaim the leading spot.

Lady Gaga lost the position as most-followed person on Twitter to Justin Bieber

Lady Gaga took to Twitter to congratulate the Biebs:

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