WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Bailed Out, Freaks Out, Kicks Friend Out of Car

Published:5:06 pm EDT, November 29, 2012| Updated:5:33 pm EDT, November 29, 2012|

So Lindsay Lohan just got bailed out of the NYPD 10th Precinct station on New York's west side a couple of hours ago. She celebrated her bail by kicking the guy who bailed her out of the car. The guy in question is her former assistant and (former?) friend, Gavin Doyle. And she can clearly be heard shouting: "Get him out of the car!" before Doyle makes his exit.

Lohan was arrested last night for another, yes another, night club brawl. The woman she punched is also seen in this video leaving the station.

It will clearly be a violation of Lohan's parole, and there may be serious trouble ahead for LiLo.

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