WATCH: LA Cops Shoot Unarmed Military Vet on Live TV After Wild Chase

Published:1:17 pm EDT, December 18, 2013| Updated:1:21 pm EDT, December 18, 2013|

Military vet Brian Beaird was pursued by officers from both the Los Angeles sheriff's department and the LAPD on the night of December 13 after they suspected him of driving under the influence, reports KTLA. The above video shows Beaird emerging from his car just prior to being shot.

After crashing his silver Corvette into the back of a black Nissan and spinning out of control, Beaird was surrounded by police cruisers. The video, which was broadcast live, shows him stumbling out of the car, clutching his stomach and crashing to the pavement. It later emerged that cops had opened fire on the unarmed man. He died of his wounds later that night.

It's not known what prompted the LAPD to open fire in such a way. LAPD Cmdr. Alexander Smith told 10News that an investigation into the shooting will be held.

The below video shows the raw, unedited, footage of the car chase and shooting. The pursuit ends at 20:36 in the video. Warning, the footage is graphic.

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