Arizona Parents Held their 3 Daughters ‘Hostage’ For 2 Years

Published:10:53 pm EDT, November 26, 2013| Updated:11:53 am EDT, November 27, 2013|

Fernando Richter and his wife Sophia are alleged to have held their three daughters, 12, 13, and 17, hostage for two years, reports Tucson News Now. According to media reports, Sophia, 32, is the girl's mother and Fernando is her husband and girl's stepfather. The three girls have been taken into protective custody and are safe.

Here's what you need to know:

1. Fernando Richter is Charged With Sexually Abusing a Minor

Fernando Sophia Richter Tucson Arizona Child Sex Abuse Hostage

Fernando Richter booking photo from 2012.

The couple are charged with three counts each of kidnapping, child abuse/emotional abuse, and child abuse/physical abuse. Fernando Richter is further charged with one count of sexual abuse with a person under the age of 15. Both were booked and are being held at the Pima County Jail.

KVOA reports that Fernando Richter had charges of criminal damage against dropped in March 2012.

2. 2 of the Victims Bravely Escaped the Horror

Two of the girls, believed to be the 12 and 13-year-old, managed to escape their nightmare on November 26 at about 4 a.m. and made their way to a neighbors house where they called police. The girls in question said that Fernando had threatened them with a knife that day. Reuters notes that it's not clear if the couple have a lawyer.

3. The Girls Were Malnourished

Police found a third girl in a bedroom inside the house at the 2800 block of North Estrella Avenue (above) in midtown Tucson. All of the girls were malnourished and had not bathed in four to six months. According to Tucson Police Captain Mike Gillooly the girls said they were only fed once a day. After giving a statement to reporters, Gillooly refused to answer questions on the case.

4. The Escapees Hadn't Seen Their Other Sister in 2 Years

The two victims who managed to escape the house said that they had not seen their other sister in two years. According to police Captain. Gillooly, the girls were kept in separate bedrooms that were both locked.

5. One Neighbor Didn't Think Anybody Lived in the House

The home where this horrific scene is part of a largely rental community. One resident who has lived in the area for a number of years told that she didn't know anyone was living in the home as there was never any activity.

As police swarmed around the house of horrors, officers could be seen taken bags of evidence from the home as well as as a computer. The house had a warning on the front porch warning that there was video surveillance, reports The Arizona Daily Star.

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