TERRIFYING VIDEO: Skydivers’ Headcams Record Fiery Mid-Air Plane Crash

Published:10:08 am EDT, November 5, 2013| Updated:11:16 am EDT, November 5, 2013|

Five different helmet cameras captured a terrifying mid-air plane collision on Saturday in Wisconsin, where nine skydivers miraculously survived a fiery disaster at 12,000 feet.

The divers were preparing to complete a tricky two-plane maneuver known as a "tracking dive." The trailing plane collided with the lead plane, coming down on top of it, ripping off a wing and unleashing a fireball.

All nine divers survived — some by jumping to escape the flames, others being tossed from the wreckage — as well as both pilots. NBC News edited and aired the harrowing footage, which you can watch above, courtesy of YouTuber Rodrigo Cuinto.

mid air collision skydivers helmet cam

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