‘I Wanna Take My Clothes Off’ — Richard Simmons’ INSANE Fox News Interview

Published:4:59 pm EDT, November 27, 2013| Updated:11:56 am EDT, November 28, 2013|

Part 1 above; Part 2 below

Richard Simmons has gone batsh*t crazy. And we are the beneficiaries.

The always eccentric fitness guru and flamboyant motivational personality was in rare form this evening during a Fox News interview on the Your World With Neil Cavuto segment.

Simmons was on to talk about how to eat a healthy Thanksgiving dinner and air his new YouTube music video, but he ventured into aggressive flirtation with Cavuto — "I wanna climb over this desk right now" — and spontaneous bouts of crying (nothing new for him), laughing, singing at the top of his lungs, waving and saying "hi" to an imaginary person, and an attempt to usurp Cavuto's hosting duties.

But the weirdest behavior involved repeated, un-veiled sexual advances on the staid host.

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