Knockout Game Videos: The Shocking Footage You Need to See

Published:9:05 pm EDT, November 20, 2013| Updated:9:06 pm EDT, November 20, 2013|

It's the deadly, brutal, game that's widespread in New York, Philadelphia and as far as London. The 'Knockout Game,' appears to involve teenagers approaching innocent victims and punching or attacking them in some way. The attacks are unprovoked and motivated purely as being part of a game, reports CBS News.

Here are the videos that have picked up of this deadly new craze:

This horrible attack happened in New Jersey, the video was uploaded on November 9:

This heinous attack happened in Pittsburgh on October 9, English teacher Jim Addlespurger was walking close to his school when he was attacked.

In this video, a group of New Jersey teens try to explain the nature of the "game."

Watch in this video as the attack just walks on after striking a 63-year-old man in Brooklyn in September:

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