WATCH: Olympic Torch for 2014 Sochi Games Lit & Passed in Greece

Published:1:21 pm EDT, October 5, 2013| Updated:1:38 pm EDT, October 10, 2013|

Last week at the Temple at Olympia, Greece, the historic home of the Olympic games, actresses dressed as Greek high priestesses officially lit the torch that will be brought to the 2014 winter olympic games in Sochi, Russia. Watch the incredible video above of the flame being lit, and transferred to funky modern torch.

Today, the flame arrived in Athens, Greece at the Panathinaiko Stadium. There, the flame was officially handed to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak officially kicking off the torch's trip to Russia. Meanwhile, yesterday Prince Albert of Monaco met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to hand over the torch. Watch that below:

The torch will travel over 40,000 miles to eventually arrive in Sochi on February 7. RT reports that this will also be the first olympic flame in space as it will travel to the International Space Station where two Russian astronauts will preform a spacewalk with it.

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