Explosion Near US Embassy in Yemen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Published:5:15 pm EDT, October 28, 2013| Updated:6:07 pm EDT, October 28, 2013|

Reports of an explosion and gunfire near the U.S. embassy in Yemen today were followed by conflicting accounts.

Here's what we know about this breaking story.

1. Witnesses Heard a Loud 'Explosion' and 'Gunfire'

The AP is reporting that residents and security officials reported a "large explosion" and "heavy gunfire" near the embassy.

Ambulances responded:

2. Yemen Quickly Denied There Was a Bombing

Yemen's spokesman in Washington, D.C., immediately refuted rumblings of an attack or bombing:

The spokesman later tweeted that the "explosions" were wedding fireworks:

3. The Embassy Says It's Not in Danger

4. Al-Qaida Insurgents in Yemen Make Up One of the Terror Group's Most Deadly Factions

5. The Embassy Saw a Deadly Bombing 5 Years Ago

The Yemen U.S. embassy was the scene of a 2008 attack that killed 19 people.

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