WATCH: Hulking Male Jets Fan Punches Tiny Female Patriots Fan in the Face During Brawl

Published:12:23 am EDT, October 21, 2013| Updated:12:49 pm EDT, October 22, 2013|

Well here's another one for the Jets' scrapbook. Following Sunday's dramatic (and weird) 30-27 victory over the Patriots at the MetLife stadium, a brawl breaks out among some unruly fans. Nothing too strange about that, especially coming just after a closely fought game between a team from New York/Jersey and a team from Boston. However, what makes this one totally disgusting is the male (douche) Jets fan who punches a blonde-haired, petite, female, Patriots fan in the kisser!

His horrific act comes in at about 0:12 seconds in the video.

jets fan punches patriots woman fan in face

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