4-Year-Old Brings Crack Cocaine to School in Philadelphia

Published:1:11 pm EDT, October 8, 2013| Updated:1:17 pm EDT, October 8, 2013|

A four-year-old pre-Kindergarten student at Thomas Mifflin School, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania apparently brought narcotics to school.

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Thomas Mifflin School in East Falls, Philadelphia

School officials believe the drugs were crack cocaine and a drug dog (K9 unit) was brought into the classroom to check for any additional narcotics. None were found.

According to MyFoxPhilly.com, a classmate became aware of the substances, instructed the teacher, and the school promptly called police as the little boy was removed from the classroom. He was then taken to nearby St. Chris' Hospital to be inspected for drugs. The results were negative.

Some parents have already opted to pick up their kids after the disturbing incident. While the boy's parents have not been reached.

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