Assad’s Soldiers Executed on Camera by Syrian Rebels

Published:6:13 pm EDT, September 5, 2013| Updated:4:59 pm EDT, September 6, 2013|

Graphic Warning. Viewer Discretion Advised.

What You Need to Know:

• This video apparently depicts Syrian rebels systematically executing Assad soldiers. Then, shows an unmarked grave where their bodies are kept.
• Syria is engulfed in a civil war between various rebel groups and Assad's forces.
• The Assad regime was recently confirmed to have used chemical weapons in the form of Sarin gas in an attack that allegedly killed upwards of 1,400 civilians.
• The United States and its allies are currently weighing intervention options.
• This footage could complicate the debate as it shows the rebels as brutal murderers.

More information:

What's the REAL Reason the US Is Attacking Syria?


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