New Season, Old Problems: NFL Reminds Players About the Dangers of Concussions

Published:5:21 pm EDT, September 8, 2013| Updated:5:21 pm EDT, September 8, 2013|
NFL head injuries


The NFL has hundreds of millions of fans and viewers but head injuries among the players threaten the sport so many people love. Sunday was the opening day of the NFL's 2013-2014 season and already the players association is worried about head injuries on the field.

After last week's lawsuit in over 4,200 former NFL players sued the league over the long term affects of head injuries, ESPN uncovered an email sent to the 2,000 plus current players regarding head injuries from the NFL Players Association.

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The email, among other new health recourses available to the players, said:

First, as the NFL announced at the Super Bowl -- at our insistence -- they have agreed to have 'Unaffiliated Neuro-trauma Consultants' this season. These experts are independent of any Club, are specialized in concussion treatment, and are there to observe or perform all concussion examinations.

With the NFL already shelling out over $700 million for lawsuits about head injury, the league could be on its way to major changes. In the meantime, check out this video of the hardest NFL hits of the last few years and you tell us how damaging it looks:

Riley Cooper Racial Slur, Riley Cooper

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