Nairobi Mall Terror Attack: The 5 Most Intense Videos

Published:5:06 pm EDT, September 21, 2013| Updated:5:06 pm EDT, September 21, 2013|

Today gunmen who are believed to be Somali militants stormed the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Using what were described as grenades and AK-47's the men killed at least 30 mall-goers, injured dozens more, and took a few hostage somewhere in the mall. Witnesses say the gunmen let Muslims leave telling them they were not being targeted.

Here are the five most intense videos emerging from the scene. Most of them show raw footage of swarms of people fleeing from the mall, or armed police running toward it. A few of the video contain loud background audio of gunfire.

Warning: some of these videos may prove to be traumatic for some viewers.

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