Krokodil, Russia’s Flesh-Eating Drug: 5 Videos You Really Shouldn’t Watch

Published:5:59 pm EDT, September 26, 2013| Updated:4:53 pm EDT, February 21, 2014|

News emerged out of Arizona this week that two people were admitted to a poison control center for symptoms that resemble the effects of Krokodil, a cheap and toxic Russian replacement for heroin. Krokodil can be made in around 30 minutes and requires mixing codeine with chemicals like paint thinner, gasoline, or alcohol. This often causes the skin to grown hard and scaly, or the flesh to rot straight off.

Here are some of the most gruesome and revolting videos of the effects of krokodil:

1. Russian Girl Messed Up on Krokodil

2.Man's Rotten Krokodil Leg Sawed Off

3. Krokodil's Vicious Effects Slideshow

4. News Report Showing Ridiculous Flesh Damage

5. Krokodil: Before, During, and After

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