LISTEN: 911 Call That Ended in Un-Armed Jonathan Ferrell Being Shot by Police

Published:12:42 pm EDT, September 19, 2013| Updated:1:30 pm EDT, September 19, 2013|

Early Saturday morning, 24-year-old former college football player Jonathan Ferrell was killed by police while unarmed and seeking help.

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Ferrell was in a terrible car accident just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, and knocked on the door of the closest house to get help. The woman, who you can hear above, opened the door briefly, before slamming it shut and calling the police on Ferrell.

When three police arrived on the scene shortly after the call, they believed they were responding to a breaking and entering incident. Farrell approached the three officers for help but is approach was met with gunfire. The police saw a man who fit the woman's description, a large black male, and fired at him as he approached.

You can listen to all 17 minutes of the woman's 9-1-1 call above.

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