James DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson Called Each Other 13 Times on the Day She Was Kidnapped

Published:7:38 pm EDT, August 14, 2013| Updated:7:47 pm EDT, August 14, 2013|

James DiMaggio Hannah Anderson Called Each Other 13 Times Kidnapped Hostage Killed Mother Brother

Newly unsealed warrants related to the case of James DiMaggio's kidnapping of Hannah Anderson state that on the day he murdered her mother and brother, the pair exchanged 13 phone calls, reports CBS 8 reporter Shannon Handy.

The docs also state that authorities believe DiMaggio tortured Christina Anderson and her son (Hannah's younger brother) Ethan prior to murdering them. According to the warrants there may also be another player in this saga:

But the warrants are eager to stress that Hannah is a victim:

These documents have been unsealed on the same day that the details of a preliminary autopsy has been performed on James DiMaggio, reports San Diego Union Tribune. According to the autopsy, DiMaggio was shot once in the head, once in the leg, once in the arm and at least twice in the chest.

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