WATCH: Terrifying New Jersey Home Invasion Caught on Camera

Published:11:13 pm EDT, June 25, 2013| Updated:11:15 pm EDT, June 25, 2013|

The chilling moment a man broke into a woman's home and violently beat her in front of her 3-year-old daughter was caught on camera last Friday, reports News 12 New Jersey.

The man entered the Millburn, New Jersey home around 10:30 a.m. and began viciously punching the young mother in front of her terrified daughter and 18-month-old upstairs. He kicked her, threw her and even placed her in a choke hold. The intruder then threw the helpless woman down her basement stairs. She suffered a concussion, chipped her tooth and had to get stitches in her face.

The woman said she stayed strong throughout the attack for her daughter.

"I knew that if I started screaming, my daughter would, too, and I was afraid she would get hurt," she said. "I took it. I didn't cry the entire time."

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The man got away, but the home's nanny cam caught the intense attack. She wants the world to see the video in hopes that someone will see it and provide information that may lead to the man's arrest. Police are offering a $5,000 reward for any such information.

“They wanted to show how violent this person is because they want him caught as much as we do,” Capt. Michael Palardy told the Daily News. “And we’re not going to sleep until this guy is caught.”

According to reports, he also got away with an unspecified amount of jewelry, including the woman's wedding ring.

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