Oh Snap! That Toy Poodle You Bought is Just a Weasel on Steroids

Published:11:02 am EDT, April 10, 2013| Updated:11:20 pm EDT, April 11, 2013|

Toy poodles have long been a status symbol of snobs throughout history. Perhaps no other canine in the world has the power to convey "I'm better than you and have a yappy little dog to prove it."

In the ultimate twist though, a number of gullible poodle admirers have been duped into buying roided up weasels under the guise they were getting a pure bred toy poodle. That's right, folks, you just bough an expensive RAT! Ouch, that's gotta suck.

ferrets sold as toy poodles

A local news station in Argentina has reported that a salesman was busted selling the impostor poodles to people after a man took his roid-rat to a vet, only to discover it was a giant weasel. The victim reportedly paid $150 for his "rat dog" and another woman was tricked into buying what she thought was a chihuahua - nope, rat again.

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Confused over whether your poodle is indeed a poodle or possibly a juiced up weasel in disguise? Luckily, there are some simple precautions you can take to ensure you don't become the laughing stock of the ladies social tea club.


Typically weigh around nine pounds and stand 25 cm tall.
Generally, very perky and do dog-like things such as bark and fetch.
Have a long snout and wet, black nose.
Often found in designer purses.

Normally weigh around three pounds.
Usually white, brown or mixed fur color and 51 cm in length.
Usually hop around and climb on things.
Do not bark but often make a soft clucking noise or hiss.
Often found in holes or lurking around baby carriages.

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