Utah Couple Arrested for Putting Razor Blades in Doughnuts

Published:4:20 am EDT, March 14, 2013| Updated:4:20 am EDT, March 14, 2013|
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Carole Lee Leazer-Hardman, left, and Michael Condor, right, put razor blades in their own doughnuts and ate them as a scam.

Carole Lee Leazer-Hardman, 39, and Michael Condor, 35, were arrested on Monday for putting razor blades in their own donuts from a Utah grocery store and actually eating them in order to get a cash settlement, reports KSEE News 24.

Police received a call from the couple last week who reported that they found a piece of metal in a doughnut from Smith’s Food Store in Draper, Utah, outside of Salt Lake City. Hospital X-rays reveal the several razor blade pieces in the couple's stomachs, but investigators became suspicious when their story didn't seem to add up.

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Police Sgt. Chad Carpenter said that Condor later admitted that the couple purposely planted the razor blade pieces in the doughnuts so they could make money off of a settlement from the store. Condor even allowed one of his co-workers at a dollar store to bite into one of the doughnuts.

The couple was arrested for filing a false police report as well as for aggravated assault.

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