‘Drunk’ American Airlines Pilot Yanked from Cockpit & Arrested

Published:1:42 pm EDT, January 4, 2013| Updated:1:44 pm EDT, January 4, 2013|

drunk pilot

A pilot who smelled of booze was yanked from his cockpit and arrested this morning after failing a Breathalyzer at Minneapolist-St. Paul Airport.

The captain of American Eagle flight 4590 to New York's La Guardia Airport didn't make it past preflight checks because someone smelled alcohol on his breath and told airport cops, who swooped in an gave him the breath test.

He was arrested around 6:15 a.m., reports CBS Minnesota.

The legal limit for pilots in Minnesota is just .04 percent blood alcohol, half the common limit for driving a car.

The pilot remains unnamed. The flight departed two and a half hours behind schedule with a replacement captain.

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