Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Kanye Drops ‘Babymama’ Bombshell Onstage [VIDEO]

Published:5:07 am EDT, December 31, 2012| Updated:5:25 am EDT, December 31, 2012|

"Stop the music. Can we make some noise for my babymama right quick?"

Onstage last night in Atlantic City, Kanye West dropped the biggest baby bombshell since Kate Middleton, revealing that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with his child.

The impromptu, mid-song announcement was confirmed on Twitter by Kim's sister Khloe:

Kim is still married to Kris Humphries, the most-booed player in the NBA, and is struggling to rid herself of him.

But that's a minor detail for Kanye, who fantasized about Kim long before they got together and is now living the dream.

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