Snapchat, the New iPhone App that May Promote Sexting

Published:11:49 pm EDT, November 21, 2012| Updated:3:55 pm EDT, November 22, 2012|


Snapchat was practically invented for sexting, the act of sending sexually explicit images through digital media, and it certainly makes the dirty deed a lot more convenient for users. The new iPhone app lets users send pictures that will "self-destruct" on the receivers phone after 10 seconds of viewing, deleting any trace of it forever.

The app was even inspired by the famous sexting incident by Anthony Weiner last spring, who was caught sending R-rated pictures of himself to a woman online.

However, the app is not foolproof. The receivers of a Snapchat picture can still take screenshots of the self-destructing image, but when a user attempts a screenshot, the sender is notified.

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