Did Shaq Tell Kobe to Pay Off Rape Accuser?

Published:10:34 am EDT, November 20, 2012| Updated:12:41 pm EDT, November 20, 2012|

kobe and shaq

Shaquille O'Neal's former mistress, Vanessa Lopez, will depose Kobe Bryant in her lawsuit against Shaq, claiming that Shaq gave Kobe advice on how to handle the rape charges that were brought against him.

Lopez filed a lawsuit against O'Neal for "intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault," claiming that Shaq harassed her after she told him she thought she was pregnant, accusing her of sleeping with someone else and threatening her once she ended their relationship.

Gloria Allred Vanessa Lopez Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant

Gloria Allred and Vanessa Lopez.

Shaq attempted to get the lawsuit dismissed, but was denied. Lopez's power-wielding attorney, lawyer to the stars Gloria Allred held a press conference where she claimed that Lopez began to fear for her life after numerous scary incidents, including a text from Shaq to a friend, Justin Zormelo, saying "dis is da numba shut dat b*tch up!" to which Zormelo responded "consider it done famo, "according to RadarOnline. Shaq's sister, Ayesha Harrison, also allegedly threatened Lopez and now Lopez is determined to hold Shaq responsible, and with the trial date set for March 25, 2013, her lawyers are now working towards allowing the trial to be televised.

Now, Kobe Bryant is involved. While being interrogated in Colorado following a hotel employee's claim that Kobe raped her, the LA Times quoted a police report where Bryant told police that he should've done with Shaq does and paid women not to say anything. He goes on to say that Shaq had paid up to a million dollars in hush money in the past. Then, prosecutors dropped the charge against Kobe, and an unknown financial settlement was later reached.

The saga of the Shaq vs. Kobe feud continues.

Here's a copy of the court documents from Vanessa Lopez's suit against Shaquille O'Neal:

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