NORAD Intercepts Private Plane Over South Carolina

Published:9:18 pm EDT, November 24, 2012| Updated:12:30 am EDT, November 25, 2012|

NORAD, flight intercepted, fighter jets

So you're flying along, look outside and there are fighter jets following you.

Do they make adult diapers to handle that situation? Federal authorities said fighter jets intercepted a private jet Friday morning that veered off its flight plan near Charleston, South Carolina, Fox News reported today. The North American Aerospace Defense Command, also known as NORAD, dispatched F-16 fighters and escorted the four-seat Cessna 335 to the Charleston Executive Airport.

The pilot was told to contact the Federal Aviation Administration for a follow-up, and a NORAD press release said a discrepancy in the plane's flight plan raised suspicions.

NORAD was created to prevent air attacks against the United States and Canada.

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