British Elderly Couple Didn’t Know They Were Growing Pot

Published:1:14 am EDT, October 11, 2012| Updated:2:40 am EDT, October 11, 2012|

Elderly Couple Didn't Know They Were Growing Pot

British police say an elderly couple in Bedford had no idea they were growing a pot plant in their backyard. Apparently, the couple bought it at a flea market and thought it was an innocuous green bush. So the couple tended to it and it grew to be every pothead's dream; a homegrown massive cannabis monster.

The plant was seized on Monday by police and Bedford LPD posted this tweet about the pot plant:

The couple is getting off easy by not having any charges being pressed. I guess that's one of the perks of being old: just plea ignorance! What do the elderly know anyway, right? It's not like they lived during the biggest hippy, peace-loving, drug era ever--oh wait.

Old Hippys

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