Japanese Man Cooks Own Penis & Testicles & Serves them with Mushrooms & Garlic

Published:7:25 pm EDT, September 20, 2012| Updated:6:00 pm EDT, August 19, 2013|


A 22-year-old Japanese man who sauteed his genitals at a banquet and served them to willing diners in early April — fully garnished with parsley, mushrooms and garlic — could face jail time for indecent exposure.

Mao Sugiyama, 22, had his penis, testicles, and scrotum removed in March because he considered himself an "asexual" illustrator who wanted others to savor in the joy that was his junk. It gets weirder.

Since cannibalism isn't illegal in Japan, Sugiyama can't be charged for committing to the heinous act; however, he can be found guilty for exposing others to his privates, a no-no in a country as clean and proper as Japan.

His shocking behavior was encouraged by those who were curious about participating in the experience, which was announced through his Twitter feed, charging 100,000 yen (almost $1,300) a plate. 

"First interested buyer will get them, or I will also consider selling it to a group. I will prepare and cook as the buyer requests, as his chosen location." Boy, that must have been a lot of meat.

Mao, also known to many as "HC," said he initially wanted to eat his own penis, but quickly chose to serve his organs instead because it seemed more exciting. 

The attending guests at the banquet were handed a waiver, which forfeited any responsibility on behalf of Sugiyama in case anyone were to fall ill. "The organs were surgically removed at age 22. I was tested to be free of venereal diseases. The organs were of normal function. I was not receiving female hormone treatment," he said.

Seventy people attended the affair in Western Tokyo. Only five people dished into his prized jewels, while the remaining patrons dined on crocodile and roast beef. Sugiyama, who had his nipples removed as well, could be facing jail time of two years in addition to a fine of 2.5 million yen, an equivalent of $32,000 in American dollars. That is a hefty price to pay for loosing and sharing your junk to the rest of the world.

Warning: What you are about to view is graphic and shocking.

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