Gun Fired at Philly Airport as Stewardess Packs Heat in her Carry-on

Published:6:23 pm EDT, September 23, 2012| Updated:6:27 pm EDT, September 23, 2012|

gun fired at philadelphia airport

A gun went off today at the Philadelphia International Airport after a flight attendant packed heat in her carry-on bag.

When the stewardess went through security around 6:30 a.m., headed for a flight to Denver, the gun was detected. So that's good anyway.

But when they called a cop over to check it out, the gun "accidentally discharged," reports NBC 10.

The Republic Airlines employee says she "forgot" the loaded weapon was in there.

So, we've got a stewardess who brings a loaded gun to work and an airport cop who can't inspect a gun without shooting it. Good times.

Safe travels, people.

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