Hitler Sells Skinny Jeans & T-Shirts in India

Published:9:37 am EDT, August 30, 2012| Updated:10:56 am EDT, August 30, 2012|

A store that sells western clothing in the state of Gujarat, India, has drawn ire for its curious name: "Hitler." The store, which proudly displays the antichrist's name in bold letters with a swastika over the I, opened 10 days ago with much fanfare. Who could be so brazen to chose a name after a monster who murdered over six million people? An Indian man named Rajesh Shah.

Surprisingly, much of the Indian culture reveres and admires Adolf Hitler for his leadership skills and direction. The BBC reports that the popularity of Hitler-related items such as clothing and home accessories is rising. Some residents say he was a true leader who showed others how to be.

If such a store were to open on American soil, nonetheless with a swastika, chaos would ensue. The store owner claims he didn't even know who Adolf Hitler truly was and that the store was merely named after the paternal grandfather of his business partner, who seemed to earn the name after being strict and direct. Ah, yeah, ya think?

"I will change it (the name) if people want to compensate me for the money we have spent — the logo, the hoarding, the business cards, the brand," Rajesh Shah told AFP. Good idea, Rajesh.

Via GlobalPost

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