10 Stevie Wonder Song Titles to Celebrate His Divorce

Published:3:05 pm EDT, August 3, 2012| Updated:6:35 pm EDT, August 3, 2012|

But they looked so happy together.

News broke today that the great Stevie Wonder has filed for divorce from wife Kai Millard Morris after a lengthy separation. And by switching a few key words in the titles of his greatest hits, we can turn them into an album commemorating the official termination of a dysfunctional relationship:

1. I Just Called to Say I Don't Love You Anymore

2. You Are No Longer the Sunshine of My Life

3. Isn't She Lovely? Not so much, no

4. Workout the Settlement, Stevie, Workout

5. Signed, Sealed & Delivered, I'm Divorced

6. For Once in My Life, Would You Shut the F*** Up?

7. You Always Leave Your High-Heeled Sneakers in the Middle of the F***ing Floor

8. We Can't Work It Out

9. I Was Made to Leave Her

10. Uptight (Everything's F**ked)

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