Florida Puppeteer Perv Planned to Cook & Eat Kids: Feds

Published:8:27 am EDT, July 24, 2012| Updated:12:36 pm EDT, July 24, 2012|

Feds say a Florida puppeteer planned to kidnap, rape, torture and murder toddlers — then cook them on a stove Jeffrey Dahmer style, reports WTSP.

Puppet Plus proprietor Ronald Brown, a 57-year-old resident of Whispering Pines trailer park in Largo, Florida, allegedly possessed sickening, sadistic child pornography — depicting kids in painful bondage ... and even dead children.

But it gets worse. Agents say Brown, who makes his living surrounded by young kids, bragged online about his deviant fantasies of torture and cannibalism. His online chats with another perv included these disgusting comments:

"Summer is heating up, should be good pickins."
"It's so hot, the kids are almost naked out there."
"My mouth watered looking at her for sure."

The official complaint includes all the graphic details; read at your own risk.

Ronald Brown complaint

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