Lady Gaga Dives into Meat Grinder, a la Hustler Mag Cover

Published:12:37 pm EDT, October 2, 2012| Updated:12:37 pm EDT, October 2, 2012|

There's a little more meat on Lady Gaga's bones these days, and she fed it all into a giant meat grinder on stage in Belgium over the weekend during her Born This Way Ball tour. (The photo above is from the Belgium stunt, but the video is from a similar display in Singapore.)

Gaga's use of the corset and meat grinder symbolize the treatment of women in society. The stunt pays homage to the 1978 Hustler magazine cover, featuring a woman's naked lower half poking out of a grinder.

1978 Hustler issue

In Belgium, Gaga referenced the Hustler cover, saying, "In 1970, women would no longer be treated like meat, and meat is precisely how we treat them," reported the Daily Mail.

lady gaga dives into meat grinder
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