Lil Wayne Sues Quincy Jones III for Using His Songs in a Movie About Him

Published:4:51 pm EDT, September 7, 2012| Updated:4:59 pm EDT, September 7, 2012|

lil wayne quincy jones III lawsuit

Quincy Jones III.

So Lil Wayne let Quincy Jones' son make a movie about him, but now that the rapper has seen the documentary and hates it, he's suing Jones for using his music.

Wayne had to know that a film called "The Carter," the same name as his hit album "The Carter III," would use songs from the album.

But a spiteful Wayne, who allowed the camera crew to follow him, has now deemed the doc a "scandalous portrayal" of his career and life — and he's getting revenge with a lawsuit.

Songs used included "Lolipop," "Let the Beat Build," "A Mill" and "Dontgetit."

Wayne is suing for undisclosed damages and royalties — but mostly just to screw Jones.

Don't f**k with Lil Wayne.


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