The 20 Worst Hip-Hop Album Covers

Published:12:00 am EDT, January 26, 2010| Updated:12:19 pm EDT, March 28, 2012|

The 20 Worst Hip-Hop Album CoversOh, hip-hop. If there's one thing the most American of musical forms is not known for, it'sself-restraint. A perfect place to see this in action is the album cover - that 5"x5" square that sums up in a single image what the record is about. The following twenty covers are so amazingly terrible that they'd make records scratch all by themselves. Ready to get funky?

Worst Hip Hop Album Covers Da Brat

Da Brat – Da Brat – There's two possible explanations here. One is Photoshop. The other one is that Da Brat actually got a custom painted leotard with images of herself on it. I am pulling so hard for #2 it's not even funny.

Worst Hip Hop Album Covers Sweet P

Sweet P – I Toast Myself – The ontological implications of this image are astonishing. Jesus turned water into wine, but Sweet P can apparently turn cognac into his body and then back into cognac. And then, in theory, he will alco-bang the girl in the ill-fitting denim bikini who got his name tattooed on her titty.

Worst Hip-Hop Albym Covers Iceberg

Iceberg – Gangsta Rap – Yeah, but if you put a huge gilded frame around it, it'll be classy. No matter that if you peek you can actually see his ho's vajayajy.

Worst Hip Hop Album Covers Ms Tee

M$ Tee – Havin' Thing$ – Yes, having your grandma's things. I wouldn't really brag about that living room set.

Worst Hip Hop Album Covers Big Bear

Big Bear – Doin' Thangs – This is such a legendary cover that any words I could say about it would be wasted. I just love that instead of the typical pile of bling, we have nuts and berries. This guy lives the gimmick.

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