Kevin Smith’s Angry Anti-Critic Twitter Rant

Published:10:25 am EDT, March 24, 2010| Updated:2:48 pm EDT, March 31, 2010|

Kevin SmithHave you ever had a friend tell you that one of your favorite movies is "by film standards" a bad film? Well, Kevin Smith had a massive rant about film critics his twitter account last night on while you weren't paying attention. We've compiled the rant in all its typo-twitter-lingo below. We bleeped out the bad words in case someone important looks over your shoulder. Check it out:

@coked_up_jesus "I gotta say that every day I hate film theory & film students & critics more & more. Where is the fun in movies?" Sir sometimes, it's important to turn off the chatter. Film fandom's become a nasty bloodsport where cartoonishly rooting for failure gets the hit count up on the ol' brand-new blog. And if a schmuck like me pays you some attention, score! MORE EYES, MEANS MORE ADVERT $.

But when you pull your eye away from the microscope, you can see that s--- you're studying so closely is, in reality, tiny as f---.

You wanna enjoy movies again? Stop reading about them & just go to the movies. It's improved film/movie appreciation immensely for me.

Seriously: so many critics lined-up to pull a sad & embarrassing train on #CopOut like it was JenniferJasonLeigh in LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN.

Watching them beat the s--- out of it was sad. Like, it's called #CopOut ; that sound like a very ambitious title to you? You REALLY wanna s--- in the mouth of a flick that so OBVIOUSLY strived for nothing more than laughs. Was it called "Schindler's Cop Out"? Writing a nasty review for #CopOut is akin to bullying a retarded kid who was getting a couple chuckles from the normies by singing AFTERNOON DELIGHT.

It was just ridiculous to watch. That was it for me. Realized whole system's upside down: so we let a bunch of people see it for free & they s--- all over it? Meanwhile, people who'd REALLY like to see the flick for free are made to pay? Bulls---: from now on, any flick I'm ever involved with, I conduct critics screenings thusly: you wanna see it early to review it? Fine: pay like you would if you saw it next week.

Like, why am I giving an arbitrary 500 people power over what I do at all, let alone for free? Next flick, I'd rather pick 500 randoms from Twitter feed & let THEM see it for free in advance, then post THEIR opinions, good AND bad. Same difference. Why's their opinion more valid?

It's a backwards system. People are free to talk shit about ANY of my flicks, so long as they paid to see it. F--- this AnimalFarm bulls---.

Now. I didn't see Cop Out, but I know the feeling of having something you like get trashed in front of your eyes. And maybe this is because he's having a rough month with the whole Southwest-Airlines-not-letting-him-fly thing but still. When did movies stop being fun and become work?

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