Bruce Willis Talks Die Hard 5 and Unbreakable 2

Published:10:02 am EDT, February 23, 2010| Updated:2:11 pm EDT, April 1, 2010|

1266939851_Unbreakable.jpgBruce Willis has been popping from interview to interview, promoting his new movie Cop Out and mentioned two sequel possibilities. reports that Willis said there were originally three parts to the story of M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable and that they might revisit the story if Shyamalan's new film, The Last Airbender does well. Willis also talked to MTV and mentioned that there's a possibility for a fifth installment in the Die Hard series. Let's hope that one's just silly talk. Because while Unbreakable was cool, Die Hard needs to be laid to rest.

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