Marvel Run Jump Smash!: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Published:5:06 pm EDT, February 3, 2014| Updated:3:32 pm EDT, February 4, 2014|

6. You're Going to Have to Spend a Healthy Amount of Gold/Gems to Get New Characters

Marvel Run Jump Smash Tips provided some info on what it takes to unlock the rest of the characters in the game:

You'll have to purchase them using in-game currency. Thor will set you back 80,000 gold or 40 gems - depending what you collect more of first. Other characters include Spider-Man (100,000 gold or 50 gems), Captain Marvel (65,000 gold or 35 gems), and Hawkeye (75,000 gold or 40 gems). Other characters will be added to the game later on. You can also unlock a third playable character in the game, Agent Coulson, but you'll have to play for a while in order to gain access to him.

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