Marvel Run Jump Smash!: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Published:5:06 pm EDT, February 3, 2014| Updated:3:32 pm EDT, February 4, 2014|

Marvel Run Jump Smash Tips

Marvel Run Jump Smash! takes your favorite Marvel superheroes and puts them in a familiar gaming genre that mobile device owners know all too well - endless runners. There's obstacles to dodge and major super villains to combat (Loki, for instance).

Like all the infinite running mobile games on the market, this title is addictive and quite the flashy good time it's said to be. Whether you're a fan of The Hulk or Iron Man, this is teh game you need to play.

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need for know for Marvel Run Jump Smash!

1. Grab Those Superhero Tokens As Soon As You See Them

Marvel Run Jump Smash Tips

As you make your way across those explosive endless trails that make up the bulk of this infinite runner, you'll spot all those character tokens. These token area godsend, since you can collect them and take control of a secondary hero for a limited amount of time. You'll gain access to various heroes (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor etc). and their specialty abilities. For instance, you'll get a Hulk token and pull off some stronger attack moves on enemies that are guarding. Make it a top priority to pick up those character tokens for more added Marvel hero interaction.

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