Beat The Boss 3: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Published:1:58 pm EDT, December 19, 2013| Updated:3:52 pm EDT, January 6, 2014|

6. Sell Some of the Ingredients for Custom Weapons if You're Really Cash Strapped

Beat The Boss 3 Tips

If you're really hungry for some coins, then try this out - sell off any of the ingredients that you use to craft new weapons. To do this, head to the weapons menu. Click on any un-crafted weapon, click on the ingredients that are needed to make that weapon and sell off any of those ingredients to make some extra coins. You can also buy ingredients with gems, so there's a way to save some coins.

7. Register for Tapjoy to Get Some More In-Game Rewards

Beat The Boss 3 Tips Tricks

Make sure you take advantage of the "Register for Tapjoy" offer you'll see in-game. Do the whole registration action and make sure you register for Tapjoy. Once you get connected to the Tapjoy website, take advantage of all the free offers that pop up for other free apps/games. Run these apps, delete them, head back into Beat The Boss 3 and get your free hook up's.

8. Watch Those Game Advertisement Vids for More Coins

So when you destroy your boss for the umpteenth time, chances are you'll spot an opportunity to get some free coins. Lord knows you wouldn't mind getting 200 extra coins for doing nothing. Well, not really since you're going to have to watch a video advertisement for another mobile game. Watch it or go make a sandwich for all we care. Get those extra coins. And you'll get an extra 500 coins for liking the game on Facebook. Easy, right?

9. The Basics of the Crown Battle

Beat The Boss 3 Tips posted a few tips on what the Crown Battle minigame is all about:

Two times a day, for an hour at a time, you will get to do the crown battle. When you go to the game, a crown will be on the floor. Tap it and it will go onto the boss’s head. Then, attack the boss with whatever weapon you want to. The boss will take about twice the usual amount of damage to kill, but when you do kill him, you will earn free gems. Do the crown battle as often as possible to maximize your free gems earnings.

10. Spend Your Diamonds on More Hearts also noted that the best use for your diamonds is too spend them on more hearts:

One of the ways to spend those diamonds is to use them on more hearts. However, hearts are not very necessary considering that you only have to wait ten to fifteen seconds for the boss to come back to life. Better to spend the diamonds on rare or expensive weapons, or on weapons that require you to earn craft items that you don’t have the patience to wait for.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you'd like to contribute to fellow Beat The Boss 3 players, throw them in the comments section!

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