Xbox One Hands-On: The Only Review You Need to Read

Published:12:05 am EDT, November 20, 2013| Updated:11:49 pm EDT, February 21, 2014|


- Much better streamlined dashboard/UI
- Great selection and variety of launch games
- The controller is a lot better (THANK THE GAMING GODS FOR THAT NEW D-PAD!)
- The Kinect 2.0's body capture technology comes vastly improved
- Multitasking is a breeze thanks to the Snap feature
- Online gaming is a much better experience with Smart Match
- The apps all perform well
- Watching TV on your Xbox One just feels right
- Following your friends feels a lot easier to navigate than before
- The addition of media achievements and challenges is awesome


- The Kinect 2.0 voice recognition technology works...most of the time
- The SmartGlass app doesn't have a lot of readily compatible games/movies...yet
- Crimson Dragon and LocoCycle are letdowns

So is the Xbox One worth picking up?

Xbox One

YES! The Xbox One has the right amount of good games, cool apps/features and ease of accessibility needed to make it the main gaming/entertainment device your home needs. BUY IT!

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