Tiny Death Star: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Published:1:43 pm EDT, November 15, 2013| Updated:1:28 pm EDT, March 25, 2014|

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"In a galaxy far, far away..." That last sentence started off an epic universe that spanned several galaxies and countless movie theaters.

The Star Wars franchise has prospered for years in several different aspects of media. Now all those awesome characters and spacecrafts you've seen in the films have been downsized and been given the 8-bit treatment in Tiny Death Star. This mobile strategy game commands your building expertise as you try to keep your Death Star afloat.

With these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats, you'll rule the galaxy with a cute (yet still mega powerful) hand of evil.

1. Convert Your Bux Into Currency Near The Start of Your Elevator Upgrading Practices

Tiny Death Star Tips

Modojo.com noted that at the beginning of the game, you should make a concerted effort to convert your Bux into Credits:

There's only one occasion where we recommend converting Bux into Credits using the game's rather poor currency converter, and that's at the very beginning of the game. Before you do anything else, upgrade your elevator one level so you can zip around the Death Star, dropping off passengers, much more quickly. If you must use this system again, go for the maximum conversion - you get more Credits per individual Bux this way.

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