PS4: Here’s A Video Demonstration of the Console’s Dashboard & UI

Published:1:13 pm EDT, November 12, 2013| Updated:12:01 pm EDT, November 13, 2013|

Gamers have seen glimpses of the PS4's smooth Dashboard and User Interface features here and there. One YouTube user by the name of "TomyPlayTivi" took part in a gaming industry event and filmed the PS4 UI while it was in action.

Your PS4 buddies need to check out this vid of the Dashboard/UI!

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The video you'll be feasting your eyes on above showcase the smooth transitions made between the PS4's onscreen menus and features. Check out the footage above and get a good look at how the PS4's Dashboard/UI works. For even more information on how the PS4's most heralded features, read up on IGN's feature.

Along with a video of the PS4's UI, check out this video of an official unboxing of the console itself:

IGN went ahead and filmed the start up process for the PS4 when you initially boot up the system for yourself:

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