Candy Crush Game Cheats: Top 10 Hardest Levels You Need to Know [VIDEO]

Published:4:01 pm EDT, August 16, 2013| Updated:4:01 pm EDT, August 16, 2013|

candy crush saga hard levels

Candy Crush Saga is one of those games that is equal parts addictive and frustrating. Like crack, Candy Crush is both sweet and soul crushing (as it's name implies), so it's no wonder that some of the levels are some of the hardest fare you'll touch in any mobile game.

If you're stuck or frustrated, as is standard fare in Candy Crush Saga, here's ten videos that may help you with some of the hardest stages the game has to offer.

1. Level 33

2. Level 29

3. Level 252

4. Level 455

5. Level 440

6. Level 97

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7. Level 92

8. Level 65

9. Level 200

10. Level 70

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