The New Xbox Requires Internet Access to be on at All Times

Published:1:16 pm EDT, February 6, 2013| Updated:7:38 pm EDT, February 6, 2013|



Microsoft’s new game console, the successor to the Xbox 360, is creating some negative buzz before PS4’s meeting on February 20.

Apparently Microsoft is making a few major changes to the upcoming console, and gamers don’t seem too pleased. Some of the new changes require a one-time activation code to play new games. This means that purchased games cannot be resold, and the console itself will require a constant Internet connection.

For consumers who live in neighborhoods that don’t have the best bandwidth, this could be a dealbreaker. If Microsoft moves forward with these plans, gamers can no longer share games among friends, and will not be able to buy second-hand games from well-known stores such as Gamestop and Best Buy.

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