R.I.P. Nintendo Power – Final Cover Gets Nostalgic

Published:11:23 am EDT, November 30, 2012| Updated:11:23 am EDT, November 30, 2012|

The newest and final issue of Nintendo Power will be paired up with the release of the New Super Mario Bros 2 for Wii U and hearkens back to the iconic gaming mag's very first issue.

Nintendo Power Final Issue, Wii U

The gaming magazine made its debut back in 1988 with a cover feature on Super Mario 2 for NES, complete with free poster inside! The final issue replicates that debut issue, highlighting Super Mario Bros 2 for Wii U.

It's no surprise that the plug is being pulled, after all, how many gamers are turning to print for their gaming info? Still, it's the end of an era and the final cover offers up a bit of goodbye nostalgia.

Via Kotaku

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