‘Modern Warfare’ Marathon Nearly Kills Dehydrated Ohio Teen

Published:10:56 am EDT, August 8, 2012| Updated:10:08 am EDT, August 14, 2012|

An Ohio 15-year-old who played Modern Warfare 3 for four days straight in his bedroom emerged disoriented — with a pale face and blue lips — and collapsed to the floor several times.

His mom thought it was game-over for her son.

"I was very scared. I thought he was going to die," mom Jesse Rawlins tells WCMH TV in Columbus.

The son, Tyler Rigsby, was hospitalized for dehydration. Mom has stripped him of Xbox privileges.

Tyler was luckier than a 23-year-old gamer who died in February at an internet cafe in Taiwan. Killed by excessive concentration playing League of Legends, Chen Rong-yu sat dead in the cafe for nine hours until anyone noticed, reported Kotaku:

Intense levels of concentration and marathon gaming sessions are common at internet cafes throughout the region, where players purchase computer time in order to log into their favorite online multiplayer games. So it makes a sad sort of sense that the 30 other people working and playing at the New Taipei location failed to realize they were sitting in the same room with a corpse for several hours.

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